Access to Funding, Advocacy, Legislation, and Regulations Services

CentreBlock Inc. is a professional services firm specializing in government relations, public policy, regulatory affairs, public sector procurement, public advocacy, and strategic advice. Our clients include corporations, industry associations and nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations.

CentreBlockā„¢ provides information, insight, strategic advice, and public advocacy on issues of concern to its clients. We understand that there is very little that happens today in any sphere of activity that does not include public decision-making. We understand that much can turn on these public decisions.

Our services include:

  • Advice and strategic counsel,
  • Public advocacy through strategic use of new and conventional media,
  • Drafting of strategic documents focused on funding applications, submissions, briefing notes, industry reports, presentation materials, and post-award contracts,
  • Competitive and unsolicited bid processes,
  • Negotiations, contracts, and regulatory appeals, and
  • Appearances before boards and tribunals.

As lawyers, we understand the legal and regulatory context in which grants and incentives awards and contracting takes place. We understand the Lobbying Act and ensure compliance at every step.

CentreBlock works with Fundingportal to help its clients to secure government grants and incentives and to leverage government funding commitments into capital markets.